About Us

At Michael Friedes Design Associates (MFDA), ours is a definitive approach. From concept to completion, MFDA develops your space with great style and detail. We specialize in full-service residential interior design. Whether it is a complete architectural renovation or decorating one room in your house, we are experts in designing interiors that accentuate your tastes, lifestyle and the uniqueness of each space.

How do we begin a project?

Things for Michael are very experiential and his creative process often begins with a single element: a rug, a piece of art, or even a color tone. From here, things start flowing and he puts all kinds of pieces together, “like a puzzle.” Then he sifts through it all for the right design elements and edits until the vision crystallizes.

Easy, right?

Actually, it can be difficult fully describing a creative process. But as clear-sighted as he is, there is one step that always comes first for Michael, no matter what the project: listening.

How do we work with our clients?

Taking the time to truly connect with clients, to listen to them and to understand their taste and lifestyle, is crucial in order to interpret their needs in a way that will make them happy. Michael and his team’s talent lie in eliciting the vision and expanding on it. And you can’t expand on something you don’t fully know or understand. Our clients describe us as possessing an intuitive nature for showing them elements of design they love.

It’s important to MFDA that clients enjoy the process. Design is fun. It’s inspiring. Through it all, Michael enjoys stretching a client’s comfort zone while still reflecting the essence of their lifestyle. He’s been called “a persuasive advocate,” thoughtfully introducing unexpected elements, employing his exceptional sense of color, and integrating little twists that challenge and entice clients to go beyond what they thought possible.

“Often the design element my clients are most reluctant to embrace winds up being the feature they love most when the project is completed.”

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